Long Live Your Smile Gallery

This young patient lost her front tooth. She also had a dark tooth that was treated with a root canal.

The Plan… placed a implant then molded the tissue for a few months to get the best appearance. A zirconium abutment was used to restore the tooth and the veneers on the other three front teeth.

This young man was hit by a car while riding his bike. He had multiple fractures in his jaw and three front teeth were fractured.

The Plan… his fractures were fixed. The trauma left a bony defect which was grafted as well as soft tissue VIP grafts. Placed three separate implants with guided surgery. Molded the tissue and placed Zirconium abutments with porcelain crowns.

This patient presented with severe decay and a difficult occlusion/bite. He had teeth that had already been removed.

The Plan… removed the rest of the teeth place an upper denture. Place four implants on the lower using guided surgery. Restore with a fixed/hybrid bridge.

This young lady had excessive gum tissue making her teeth appear short.

The Plan… we sculpt and removed the excessive tissue with the laser.

This young patient was born with no lateral incisors.

The Plan… placed patient in orthodontics to straighten and gain the needed space then placed implants with crowns.

The Missing Single Tooth

The Plan…This tooth was cracked and had to be removed. An implant was placed and a crown made. These are ideal situations for implants. Brush, floss and eat like normal.